New Term, New Brief.

7am wake up calls are back! First day back at uni today after 4 weeks off... safe to say this afternoon was intense! We got given our new brief for a live project working with clothing shop Watershed. The store is situated in Newquay, Cornwall.  I have literally just today found out where/what/who/where the brand and store is, so i need to do some intense research starting with a day trip to Newquay tomorrow with the girls!



having nothing to i decided to work on my illutration skills and improve my drawing.  i am now much more confident in drawing figures free hand rather than using a template.  I used a mixture of water colours and a fineliner pen to finish all illustrations.  i am definatley more excited to start next terms design project.

#Summer Garden Party

Summer is hopefully definately on its way now, this beautiful sun had better last a few weeks and warm up!  Our Student Union have anounced a garden party for the beggining of June,  so being a typical gal, i've already started eyeing up a few dress online.. i've been addicted to ASOS atm, im finding everything i see i fall in love with. its not great when your bank balance isnt at it's healthiest right now. ooops!

But these are a few of the dresses which really caught my eye and the lime green Love Dress with a wrap front is definatley top of my wish list! 


#WANT: to travel

All photos are courtesy of @EarthPics

recently a few facebook friends have been posting there photos from the visits to various countries.  i think seeing these images has triggered a new desire to see the world we live in.  the idea of jumping on a plane out of here is well in my dreams, but a train back to falmouth is all that is planned for now.  but for sure i will definately make the most of living such a beautiful part of britain during this coming summer term!