Mermaid Nails!

The only downside to this gorgeous weather we've been getting is definately the muggy nights that come with! Mehh. So these hot sleepless nights lead to my pointless but pretty nail painting:) yayy! I wanted something bright, summery, and wearable! So my barryM Pure turquoise, and my trusty Models Own Juicy Jules were the perfect combo!

These were so simple to do but are soo pretty and sparkly:D i picked up a cheap pack of stick on nails from good old Home Bargains and away i went! Apply One thick coat of BarryM and leave overnight to dry completely. The next morning or night which ever is easiest, apply the glitter coat:) and tah-dahh!! Sparkly mermaid nails, perfect for this luscious weather!

Much love
Elle xo


Weekend fun!!

So having the weekend off on the same weekend that the boys are in tour, definitely has its advantages! A sober yet fun night up wetherspoons on friday! Followed by an awesome drag queen and disco on saturday, along with my baby cousins christening!! My weekend has been lush!

Although my friday night was insanely sober! Due to lack of funds:( still had a wicked girly friday night catch up, up the Malcolm (spoons) :D saturday night was obviously a bit more eventful with Malibu and tina sparkle in tow! Ans a good old groovy to total classics!

And lastly my little cousin got christened today! I love a good old family get together and for such a happy occasion its even nicer! Of course i had the world and his wife " you've grown so much!!" speech off nearly every family member i hadn't seen in more than a year! But it was lovely to see them all! Below are just a few snaps from my weekend:) theye may be in a dodgy order but i'll sort that out when i get on my laptop!:)


Elle V Food

Food won!!

Just had a lovely night out with my family to celebrate my nephews 18th! We went to an all you can eat Pan Asian restaurant in cardiff bay. :) yum!! So my intentions were to go to the gy gym after school work up an appetite and then demolish 5 platefulls of greasy calorie full food! Yess i got to the gym, and yess i got to my fifth plate,.. Not so full though! The plate of deep fried fish and chicken to start finished me right of.. So it was sushi and pancake rolls from there in!! :( cosmos?! Im beat!

My attire for the evening was my new dipped hem maxi skirt, with a black vest, a pair of trusty black heels and casual denim jacket:) i kind of felt a tad over dressed! But oh well who doesnt love making an effort eyy !:)


First iPhone post!!

Just a quick post to show you guys what my projects been up to this week! This for my art project all about birds and feathers. I found this lush artist / illustrator Hannah Davies, and i just had to have a go at illustrating my own versions of her work!! You can find her work at here ! Seriously worth a look :)

Bank Holiday!

Primark Buys, Joined the iPhone massive!, Morning Face, Favourite Dinner, my baba, Textiles Exam, Lemon Cake!, Textiles Final Pieces, Fresh Bedding, my other baby, New Phone Cases, St. Fagans for tea!, Favourite BarryM, Pizza Express, Afternoon in the Bay!
So Basically i've been super distant from the whole blogging scene for a couple of weeks i felt we were all in need of a catch up!! i had an amazing shop last sunday, with a £60 Primark holiday shop all done and dusted! && I finally joined the iPhone crew last sunday, literally why did i not do this before!!  as you can probably tell, Instagram is absolutely my best friend at the moment and also making me insanely vain! :$ not so good! i've been snowed under with deadlines and exam prep and exam these past 2 weeks, but knowing that my deadline is tomorrow and i only have sampling left to do is a huge weight off my shoulders and by the end of this week i should be enjoying the start of my summer holidays.. alone! :(  im the only one out of my friendship group to do Art & Textiles for A-levels so they all have written exams coming up, all i can say is i have no excuse not to get my body into shape for holidays!!  i recieved a lush little invitation off my Welsh Bacc teacher earlier this week inviting out whole class to St. Fagans for afternoon tea next monday, awww im so excited!!  and yesterday i had a lovely afternoon with my daddy in Cardiff Bay, with a Pizza Express for tea!! yummmy!

how have all you guys been ? snowed under with revision? i literally don't envy you one bit!!

Elle xo


ummm.. hi guys!!

lit' my absence this past two weeks is an actual piss take! im so sorry guys, but my exams are overrrrrr :)  result! schools not quite finished a few more compulsory days and then some catch up days, but then my days as a St. Cenydd student are overrr!:) yayerrr. seems as most of my post recently have been me moaning about how much work i have to do and so forth i thought i'd share with you my final textile/fashion pieces of the year!

so my coursework was all inspired by weather and its affects, and my exam piece was inspired by sweet shops and candy :)  im super pleased with them both! and fingers crossed they get me the grades that i want!  i actually cant believe my time in school officially finishes tomorrow! i don't weather to be happy or sad, oh well i now have plenty of time on my hands making my teachers thankyou presents, awww!

Much Love
Elle xo