What I bought!

so I didn't end up buying the leopard print shoe/boots in the end but going with my heart and purchasing these gorgeous glitter heel courts!!  they a serious shoe crush!  fingers crossed they'll go with a few outfits in my wardrobe (yn)  Ohh, I just want them to arrive already!!

blazers, blazers, blazers!! I've been looking everywhere for one, but finally gave in and found this one earlier! its not perfect, but it'll do the job:)  and only £25 along with 20% off, and Christmas money to be spent, I had to get it!

I hate this wait now, not knowing when its going to arrive because of the Christmas chaos :( oohhh! 

Much Love
Elle xo


sales sales sales ...

everyone loves a good bargain or two, but if your like me a can't be dealing with the manic after Christmas sales, and getting barged and shouted at from all angles, the internet is your saviour!  my recovery day yesterday was basically spent browsing the net for a new 2012 wardrobe! this dress is all I found...
H&M - £14.99

im still not 100% certain on it, but im gunna wait for it to come, try it and then decide!  seems as its a very classic cut and not much going on with it, I was thinking a blazer and a pair of leopard print heels to finish it off.. but do you think I can decide on which shoes to buy??  I honestly didn't think I would get this stressed about something so simple!

This is what i got my selection narrowed down too.. help!

Missguided Shoes - £35.99 New Look - Head Over Heels - £45.00  Boohoo - £25.00
New Look - Head Over Heels - £45.00 Missguided Shoe Boots - £35.99 Boohoo - £30.00

i'm loving all of these shoes, but for all different reasons!  granted the Mary Jane style New Look heels aren't exactly going to coordinate with my babydoll pink dress. (so they're out of the question!)  and the Nude Boohoo heels are simply a shoe crush that I couldn't control.  the suede shoe, glitter heel, medium width heel :D me likey!! i think its a toss up between the two pairs of missguided and the boohoo shoe/boot, but i cant decide!!! ahhhhhhh, HELP!

Much Love
Elle xo


walking in a winter wonderland..

I mentioned I was getting tickets to go to Winter Wonderland last week, yeaa.  well  I got the tickets and we went on Friday!  it was such a good night out and great way to celebrate Christmas with the girls before we all got tied down with family commitments, and also an excuse for a good late night gossip! and I mean late! 

myself, jazz, sophie, hannie, charl, lucy, emily :)  loving life in our sexy skates!

So no broken bones, no sliced fingers, and no black eyes! result. there were a few wobbles and couple of bruised bums im sure..  overall it was a great night! and skating around to the music playing, I honestly felt like Jayne Torvill.. what a joke!  

after leaving cardiff, we drove home grabbed a take-out each and head up to Charl's house.  now our night was going far too smoothly something had to go wrong, and it like it or not it did!  but did Sophie's car really need to breakdown ?? luckily we were parked up outside Charl's house, with her mum's mechanic of a fiancĂ©e inside.. not all bad!  we got her bump started and she was off. (she had work in the morning so she wanted an early night) the rest of us however were gassing untill 1:00am then realising the time and deciding to call it a night!  i had a very good night overall, minus the abuse! shame i didn't get a few more photos but we didn't really have the opportunity:(

Much Love
Elle xo


happy christmas everyone!!

i've been spoilt again this year so many lovely presents off the family!!  my presents this year consisted of a lot of pink, pink, and a bit of purple... my family know my well! someone has too :)  even though I pretty much new what Santa was bringing me I still had loads of surprises!  the best one of course was my babygrow. my brother and his girlfriend got me this, and must say I love it!  i've never even thought of buying one before because all the ones i've looked at have been so short, and being 5'10'' or so its pretty difficult to even pretend to be short!

1. Beyonce Live at Roseland 2. Babyliss Wave Envy 3. Fujifilm Camera 4. Onesieee'!! 5. Chocolate Orange... with popping candy!

1.  I'm not gunna lie, but I was definitely most excited for this gift! if you know me you will know my obsession for Miss Knowles is crazy!  so getting her live in Roseland was a very happy moment for me, I think I might have even squealed...

2.  I wasn't sure if i was getting the Babyliss Wave Envy, I'd dropped plenty of hints but still not 100% sure! but my mum's an absolute gem and got me them:) yaaay!  i've already tested them out today, and I need a bit of practise but sure enough im loving it!

3. seems as my old camera decided to bust, a camera was much need back in my life!  and this finepix, is so small and compact. (perfect for maga 2012!), and the colour is amaaazing!:) lovelovelove.

4.  my onesiee was a total suprise!! when i opened it i was soooo excited, but then i thought what if i'm too tall for it, so tried it on immediately... it fitted!! as you can see in my little snap (from my new camera)

5. christmas just isn't complete with a terrys chocolate orange in your stocking!! and this year mine had popping candy!! OMG, its the bestest thing ever:O lit' my new addiction, it just sparkles for agess after the chocolates got, NOM!  

I hope you've all had a lush day and don't feel too sick after eating too much!  but i'm going to enjoy my snuggie and having cwtch with my little rabbit whilst watching a little film :)

happy christmas all!!
Much Love
Elle xo


early christmas parcels...

juicy jules, purple haze, emerald city, scarlet sparkle, disco mix, && mixed up.

woooooooooooo!  you know that long agitated wait you have when you place and order on the internet and your not informed of when its been dispatched??  i've had that for the past few days, but the relief you get when a knock on the door happens to be the delivery man is simply amazing!!

it took me a while to get a decent photo of my new favourite polishes, but eventually got there, YAY!  i've only quickly tested them on my toes, and trust me you ain't seeing those bad boys!! but my definite fave is the disco mix, its basically a mix of purple, blue and silver, its just sooo sparkly!!  the emerlad city is gorgeous too, its uber christmassy pair with the scarlet sparkle, and we all love a bit of the festive feeling!  im seriously considering painting over my gelish instead of the disco mix... hmm we'll see ..

had a lovely night out with the girls tonight, minus the abuse! some food in the local pub and then a drive up the valley to see the Christmas lights, 3 days till christmaaaaaaaas! i'm not excited or anything...

Much Love
Elle xo


river island christmas sale...

its this time of year which I hate to love!! I the fact that I have no monies left after buying everyones christmas presents but I just looooove the RI Sale! its heaven ... too browse at. These are just a few of the things i would buy if i was strapped down with cash... please excuse my experimental photoshop 'skills'

  im in dying need of blazers!! they finish off a whole outfit. shame I didn't see the black blazer before I went out last night would have been straight down to the nearest RI store!  and emerald green is a gorgeous colour and green works well with a ginger mop!;) the cobalt blue shorts..... OMG! must must must have in a winter wardrobe! sequined top, opaque tights, black heels.. BOOM!  yess, the lace Playsuit is probably a bit summery for these icy temperatures, but with some tights and nice little blazer, cute little day outfit I'm thinking! 

im actually going to sleep now, enough blogging for today!! however thought i would let you know my current uni situation.. i have a conditional offer from University of Glamorgan, yayer!  and interviews coming up for Newport, UWE Bristol and Falmouth :) shall let you know how they go!

Much Love
Elle xo

LK Bennet V ASDA

When I came across these LK Bennet Boots, I thought how robbed do they feel after ASDA were selling "sisters" of the same boots for nearly 90% of the price!! which of course I nabbed when I sore them on sale :) for £20 there was no chance of me leaving them there, even if they were a size 9 (when im an 8) a couple of pairs of socks never hurt anyone!  the LK Bennent Boots however, do look far far better quality and so they should costing £235! But i am highstreet over designer everytime! 

Much Love
Elle xo

Final Christmas Wishlist..

with only 4 more days till the big man comes down our chimney, thought I would squeeze in a last minute wishlist.  I'm not really expecting to get any of these items under my tree on Sunday morning, but we can all hope...(yn)

I'm in love with the two Miss Selfridge dresses I found with both being £32 its hard to leave them on the hanger!  Also I noticed the All Saints Sepia / Bronze skirt in this months Company magazine, so whilst having a browse on the internet i came across the midnight blue / black skirt, i must say.. i love a bit of sparkle!

Diana Vickers' range at Very is so fun, young and girly, I think I could possibly buy most of her range!  I again sore this dress in my Company Magazine this month and fell in love! the bright vibrant colours in this dress are just amazing!!  Yes, its probably a bit summery for this winter weather, but nothing wrong with brightening up your wardrobe in preparation ...

Much Love
Elle xo

scumbag you maggot you cheap lousy faggot..

my first night out in Cardiff was pretty awesome if I'm honest! started with few drinks and food in 'spoons followed by a taxi into Cardiff and a night in Lloyd's Bar (another spoons).  starting in spoons and finishing in spoons meant an overall cheap night out! result!! with my food only costing £3 and my 3 VK's for £5, what a bargain! along with a Malibu & coke (although i asked for lemonade..) only costing £2something, i'd only spent £10 before getting to Cardiff! boom.  Taxi's paid for by tips, even better!  
once we eventually made it into Cardiff, you couldn't refuse the 2 pitchers for £11 so myself and a friend had two each.. naughty! Sex on the Beach is a definite fave, on my behalf. I will be having again soon! it's safe to say the heart burn has started to set in as im writing this post, 14 hours later... hmm strange! 

Here's a few pictures of my first outing to Cardiff..





overall my night was wicked in all fairness,  brilliant company, cracking bit of banter, a good old christmas sing-song and of course the embrassing dad dancing by table in the far corner!!
&& bonus i didnt get ID'd!! YAY :)

Much Love
Elle xo


we can watch the snow fall forever and ever...

Little bit of a follow up from a previous post about my gelish nails.  I stuck to my guns and went for gold! first for everything.  However I was so tempted to go for the sexy pink shade.. but no gold I wanted so gold I got! yay. and must say I love it! & its versatile so it goes with everything.  even better :) 

well I'm off out tonight for my works Christmas do'  and im bricking it! I've never been to Cardiff on a night out before and im still under-age! I have a friends ID but im still uber scared, I know once im in I'll be fine. But if I don't get in.. how embarrassing! I've got a friend on standby to come and pick me up if i cant get in, but fingers crossed she wont be needed, because I need a good night out!

I still haven't got a bag for tonight so I think its gunna' be a raid of my wardrobe my mums wardrobe and my friends wardrobe... I told you I'm last minute!!  

Please wish me luck!!(yn)

Much Love
Elle xo


She has the most mysterious voice and is quite honestly manly! but I lit' can't stop listening to her songs, Video Games and Born to Die are my absolute faves!  There's just something about her voice that is totally addictive!   and also i need her lips.


1 week till christmas!!

a last minute splurge never hurt anyone, right?!  well my last minute buy (using daddy's card of course) was this Models Own Nail Set in glitter of course!!  I've been eyeing up these beauties for a week or so now, but every time I go to order a little pink box appears with the message "sorry, this item is out of stock".  But finally after a week of waiting they added to my shopping basket. woo! hopefully they'll arrive in time for Christmas too, fingers crossed.

although I have just spent £20 on this bad boy set, I am getting my nails done tomorrow in time for my festive antics and outings. oh the irony!  I don't know if you've heard of it but im having Gelish Nails done,  its like my new obsession! its basically a nail polish with a gel coating preventing it from chipping.  it says it last 3 weeks, but being the bargain buster that I am, I make them last me 4! im hoping to have a festive gold colour a bit like this.  but last time i was going for a deep purple and came out with a bronzed pink..

My dads card is about to take another battering, as me and the girl's are going to Winter Wonderland on Friday, and haven't yet booked our tickets.. 

Much Love
Elle xo


may the festivities start...

well its finally Christmas holidays, AT BLOODY LAST !! been one of the fastest 12 months ever but the last stretch to Christmas has epically dragged! ughh. with only 8 days to go till the old fella' gets stuck in our chimneys, I am definitely going to get in the spirit of things this year.  Starting with mint aero hot chocolate... yummy!

so Thursday was our last official day in school so we had to celebrate our last Christmas together in style, by going to the local pub! classy birds.  had a lovely bite to eat and couple of free drinks, total bargain busters that we are ;)  then we had lush night in front of the telly watching The X Factor USA, whilst forcing Jo to do her Welsh Bacc, (had to be handed the next day and she hadn't written one word!)  whilst taking a tonne of abuse for my newly trimmed hair do, myself and Jodie decided to take the revenge a little bit to far.. sorry jo!

FRIDAY! hand in day for welsh bacc, and a bake off between me and the girls!! now i'm not much a talent when it comes to cooking, I just kind of sit there, eat it, and give my opinion! so being the cooking invalid that I am I was given the exciting job of dishwasher! (bad karma from the night before..) once I got over the floaty bits and congealed gravy with cheese sauce VOM! it wasn't so bad ...

so apart from the under cooked chicken bites for starter,  the hard carrot tasting parsnips for main, and the totally uncooked brownie for desert, had pretty good 3 course meal only cost us £5 each as well. although I think I would have preferred to have had a 50% off domino's voucher..

the brownie looked lovely from the outside... not so nice on the inside. but still tasted AMAAAZING!! and bonus, no food poisoning yet! yaaay!

much love
Elle xo


on the 8th day of Christmas, my baby gave to me..

Just came home from a lovely christmassy day in school, The Grinch, home alone, sweets and chilli heatwave, i'm  now feeling uber festive, YAY!!  I needed that after the stress and late night of work I had last night, I have now discovered that waitressing isn't my calling, and sticking to being a barmaid and dishwasher is probably best for all!!

Seems as its only 10 days 'till christmaaaaaaaaaas! #happygirly.  Decided I would do a little Santa's wishlist:

01.  Beyonce - Elements of 4, Live At Roseland.  TOP of my wishlist, and if get I will be superly happy :D  I watched it on YouTube a couple of weeks back now, when it was shown live on Vevo.  But it was only available for 24 hours or so.  Sadly, I can no longer witness the pure perfection and beauty from such a powerful lady! she truly is the voice of our generation.

02.  Babyliss - Wave Envy.  i've had my eye on these beauties for a while now, after watching a DIY video on YouTube i've been so envious of wavy hair!  cant wait to experiment with different styles and "do's".  I had my haircut last night for the first time since may... although I'm desperately trying to grow it, it was seriously damaged and dead. so a good hacking session took place along with the added addition to a fringe. its still growing on me and needs to settle but we'll see :)

03. Snuggie - the sleeved blanket!  OMG i need this in my life, I know they've been around a while now, but im seriously starting to to enjoy cwtching up with my quilt on a Sunday and browsing the net all day.  Now trying to keep warm when half your body is uncovered is a real struggle, so a snuggie is definitely the only option!! 

04.  Olly Murs - Official Calendar 2012.  Now if you know me you will know that I am completely in love with Mr Murs! such a cheeky chap, an absolute hottie & Essex boy!!  If my mum doesn't get me this calendar, I will cry on Christmas day! and I really don't want this to happen.  

Currently listening to a bit of my Olly, and will be for the rest of the evening whilst completing my welsh bacc. Last day in school tomorrow, with the staff Christmas Panto, not to be missed!

Much Love
Elle xo



currently watching The XFactor Final, and seriously routing Marcus to win!! He is complete perfection.  I don't even care that he's gay, I still fancy the pants off him!! VOTE MARCUS GUYS :D :D

Much Love
Elle xo

Step into Christmas, the admission's freeeeee...

So while I should be completing my individual investigation for welsh bacc, (of which i still have 1,000 words to write... oops!).  I decided to get organised for my staff Christmas party and get my outfit sorted!! so courtesy of Company / Cosmopolitan for giving me 20% off my next boohoo purchase, i decided to make the most of it and treated myself to this little number :)
its not the LBD I was looking for, but with a pair of opaque tights and my black suede heels it'll do :) and for £19.99 (including 20% off) its a complete bargain and must have for the winter season!!  I was debating on getting a sequinned blazer to pair with a unworn dress I bought last winter for all of £4!! , but decided against as funds are low and I'm trying to save for my car :(  however, I'm hoping my height isn't going to be an issue with this dress, being the 5'10'' girl that I am finding dresses and skirts long enough is a major problem!  so if it happens to barely cover my bum, I think 120 denier tights will be need so no unwanted flashes occur ... we'll find out when it arrives on Wednesday / Thursday and I'll have to let you know how it goes :)

These black glitter peep toes are to die for!! nothing beats a bit of sparkle at Christmas / New Year, these a defintately on my wishlist for my next boohoo buy! :) YAYER

Much Love 
Elle xo


have a holly jolly christmas...

So stress has taken over my life this past week.  I've got an interview in Glamorgan tomorrow, and getting my portfolio together has been an absolute nightmare to say the least! Nothing has gone my way!! Firstly buying a portfolio one size too small, losing my final design and finding it in the art shop in Ponty, and to top it all off, my tonsil's have now decided to swell up, leaving me struggle to even swallow.  I am praying for an absolute miracle to pull this off (yn).  

another hurdle to get over is WHAT TO WEAR!!  I haven't thought about this yet, i have soo much in my wardrobe but the irony of "nothing to wear" strikes again. what do you wear to a uni interview? jeans & a blouse? dress & tights?, curly hair? straight hair? hair up ? aaarrgghh!! HELP SOMEONE?

Paint my nails a nice christmassy glitter (courtesy of ModelsOwn) this evening for a bit of a pick me up. YAY!

Much Love,
Elle xo


it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...

Just a couple of photos, from last nights household festivities.  I must say im pretty chuffed with my tree! Purple, Red & Gold was a good choice of theme!!

<< a little bit of random photography to pass time by. :)

Much Love,
Elle xo

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree...

These are just a few things on my RI wishlist! 
  I've been looking around for a casual shoulder bag for months now, my PB Gracie is start to look a little worse for wear :(  so when I found this on the River Island website, it was perfect to brighten up my winter wardrobe!! unfortunately funds are a little low to fork out on a £65 bag, so we'll have to see what Santa brings me :)

 I feel like a bit of a grandma liking this shawl, but it just simply gorgeous!! perfect alternative to wearing a winter coat in the in-between / indecisive weather we've been having recently.  for £20 this is a complete BARGAIN too!
My staff Christmas party is looming, and being the usual last "minuter" that I am, I still have nothing to wear!  This skirt would be perfect!  and for £40 pound I think it would be an investment more than anything.. (thinking ahead). I'm still on the look out for a new LBD perhaps, most probably a lot more flattering during the festive season too ;)

Much Love,
Elle xo


roll up roll up...

 to follow up on last nights post. I thought I would give you lovelies an in site into my bargain buys yesterday!!

 Pauls Boutique Lizzie Purse - £31  £10!!

Models Own Make Up Bag - £10

 HelenE Make Up Bag - £10

Rimmel Baby Doll - £10

Jelly Pong Pong - £5

Cosmo / Company Goody Bag - £3

Safe to say I got a fair few bargains on my spree!!  personally my top bargain has to be my Paul's Boutique Lizzie, reduced from £31 down to £10, you cannot go wrong.  granted it probably wouldn't be top of my Christmas list if there was more choice, but at such discounted value I couldn't leave it there! 

I've been dying to get my hands on some Models Own nail varnish for months now! a few of my friends use them and the colour choice is to die for.  So when strolling past their stall yesterday and noticing the amazing offer 3 for £10 + make-up + bag, I couldn't leave it there! BARGAIN

My HelenE was a definite impluse buy! We were making our way back to meet the group, and BAM, we have a woman rubbing foundation on our hands.  First instinct was wow! perhaps this foundation does what it actually says on the tin.  But now im home and trying it out myself im not too sure! still yet to try it to go out, but I'll have to let you know how I get on!

My Rimmel Baby Doll gift set.  I couldn't even consider leaving it there! my exact colour nail varnishes that I use daily and an old favourite mascara! With Sexy Curves being an £8 buy in the shops, a goody bag with 2 mascaras, 3 nail varnishes and a Vinyl Gloss lippy (which i kindly gave to my friend) I couldn't possibly leave it there!! 

The Jelly Pong Pong purchase was more peer pressure from the sales woman, I was innocently looking for deals on Dainty Doll make-up, but I didn't even get to look before this woman pounced on us! But a goody bag for £5, with Eyelashes, Mascara, Lip Balm, Lip Frosting and Eye-shadow, its not all bad really!

The Cosmo / Company goody bag was more of a pick me up, rather than a bargain buster! however i did very enjoy my free Raspberry & White Chocolate Porridge Oat, YUMM! but thanks to my friend i now have a monthly issue of Company for the next 12 months coming my way! thanks jo

Now im off to put my Christmas decks' up, need a bit of a pick me up after a stress overload in school, see you later!!

Elle xo


Best day of my life...

Last year I took it upon myself to ask my textiles teacher to organise a little trip to The Clothes Show Live. As it happened it got organised and was a massive success for everyone!! (yay me!)  Despite the early start (& the 'icky McD's breakfast), the 2 and half hour bus journey and getting lost within the first five minutes of getting into the NEC Arena, I had an amazing day!!

To be fair to our teacher she got us pretty good seats. But as seats even closer to the front of the stage were available, lets just we "nabbed" them!  Front row action to my first fashion show, and first time ever at The Clothes Show Live, was a pretty awesome experience.   Daytona Lights have officially change my opinion of indie music, (i think it could be love).  I have most definitely discovered some potentially hubby's! And most of all the Fashion Show itself.. WELL!! I'm not sure what words could describe it.  I was well and truly blown away! (not just by the male lingerie section).

After watching the show it has definitely helped me decide firmly what I want to do in my future.   I mean if I was the designer for the collections going down the catwalk today, I would be pretty damn chuffed to say the least!!  So much time and effort goes into to making those garments and the appreciation that you get from critics and the public, must incomparable to your own satisfaction of your hard work and devotion to that collection.

Elle xo