Babyliss Wave Envy Review ...

I had the Babyliss Wave Envy for Christmas. I was dying to get my hands on it until I read some reviews of it acting more like a crimper than a waver.  But nevertheless, since Christmas day its been my best friend!  I don't go a more than 3days without using it.  it is very time consuming especially at 7:30am when your half asleep getting ready for school..  

would definitely recommend to friends, its so simple to use and lasts for aaages without dropping! & i've had so many compliments on it! i'm still trying to figure out ways of styling day to evening looks, but i'll have to let you know when i've experimented slightly more.  anyone got any tips on waving and curling?  my hairs a nightmare for holding curls on a night out :(

Much Love 
Elle xo


  1. This looks amazing!!

    so glad ive read this review as ive been dithering whether to get it for ages :)


  2. its been such a good investment!! and it looks soooooo pretty :')
    glad i've helped!!

    Elle xo

  3. It's made your hair look lovely! :) xx

  4. Looks fantastic! Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons