nearly a week since my last blog, isn't a good start to 2012!!

I think last year was definitely my year (one year had to be!) Seeing Olly Murs & Katy Perry in concert, T4 on the beach, passing my AS Levels, got a new job, learning to drive, passing my theory, passing my practical test!!! (which I still cant believe!) University offers and interviews, Party's, Christmas, and the beautiful new arrival of my baby cousin Miley-Grace, just made it in time for 2011! She's a beauty :D

Beautiful Baba Miley Grace!

My Beautiful Boohoo Shoes!! Best Buy of 2011 :)

Well besides the amazing arrival of Miley to finish and start off the new year!  My shoes came!!! I couldn't have been happier when they arrived, they're just so sparkly, eeeeeek!  shame the dress I ordered to go with them (last Tuesday) still hasn't been dispatched, when I need it for Saturday if not Sunday! meeehh. My friends 18th or my brothers 21st, still undecided.. hehee.  

I think i'm going to have a few new years resolutions this year, I never seem to stick to them, so by given myself several i'm bound to stick to one! finger crossed.

1. Be who I am and not who the people around me want me to be.
im sure so many people say this every year, and always end up moulding back to what someone else wants, but im fed up of not doing what I want to do.  Don't get me wrong I love my friends and family too bits, but when i just feel myself fading in the background not being noticed, it makes my feel so small and I want it to change!!

2. Get my Maga' 2012 body ready for my 18th!!
this resolution is an absolute must!! there is noway i'm lying on a beach next to my size 6 / 8 friends with love handles and bingo wings flying around the place! I will be a toned, comfortable and happy size 12 when i go away in june! i've only got myself to blame if i'm not..

my language has been appalling recently, I found myself in the awkward situation of my 7 year cousin asking me what i said when i said the "F" word the other day! lets face she's not thick, she knows exactly what i said, but still its a bad example!! naughty elinor! 

4. Make decisions!
I'm completely hopeless when it comes to decision making, it takes my hours to decide which eyelashes to use in the morning! so when it comes to university, im in a complete pickle!! Glamorgan? Newport? Bristol? i have no idea!  Which car to get? What projects to do? What shoes to buy? and what dress i'm going to wear to which occasion? from epic life changing decisions to day to day meaningless decision, I need to sort it out! help me:D

hope you enjoyed my New Years Rant?!
Much Love
Elle xo

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