about time i updated a christmas related post.  i've i had such a lush christmas at home with the family, so chiled and relaxed going back to the stress of uni next week is going to kill me!! ahhh :z

the suprise to my family of my early arrival wasnt a total suprise for some as my brother decided to read my blog the night i posted for the first time in months!!! but he kept it from my mam and dad so it was a lovely suprise for them.  aslo gave my nan and aunty a cheeky suprise in cardiff the next day whilst doing there christmas shop in M&S :D im such a cute child! hehee.
gorgeous frosty wake up in wales!
a TV, a real human sized TV!!
the most delicious pasta i have ever had, yummmm
cardiff all christmassy like
catch up and christmas kisses with my baby
a cheeky trip to london and harrods looking perfect
proper christmas socks!!
perfect night in for one!
spoilt girly!!
christmas baaaaby!
staff present of one of the regulars!!
i have definately loved my christmas at home but am more the excited to get back uni and see everybody after being separated for the last 4 weeks :(

Happy New Year lovelies, or as we like to say in Wales, Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!! i was supposed to work last night so hadn't planned anything to do but ended up finishing work stupidly early and having a night in with my girlies and singstar! such a fun studently cheap way to spend your NYE!

Hope 2013 brings you everything you hope for :)

Elinor xx

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  1. bunnyyyyyyyyyyy cute cute cute!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx