#Focus,Believe, Achieve

These past few weeks i've been so bored at home doing nothing except going to the gym, i've had way to much time to over think and make my brain work overtime with thinking ahead to the future etc.  But today i reflected, read a few blogs and realised a whole load of everything!

Theres no denying that i haven't tried or pushed myself as much as i possible during my first year at uni.  Its definitely shown in my grades.  In my final project after the easter break i'm determined to change this and prove my tutors wrong.  I've never be one to settle for second best or bottom of the pile, i have always had the mind set to achieve at a high standard.  Don't get me wrong i totally love my course and have enjoyed every minute of it but i have just felt a bit lost.  Whilst at school i was constantly aided by teachers in every step i took and the help and encouragement from them mixed with my passion and dedication worked amazingly and it paid off, answering and resolving questions during your projects to reach full potential.  I then jumped straight to University where we get very little guidance in our projects, and all questions are asked at the end during the Crit, when its too late then the projects done, your work has been marked.  Now i am used to the way of teaching in university i now understand how much work must be done to achieve my desired grades.  I want to leave my 3rd year with a 2.1 a 1st would be amazing but a 2.1 would be fantastic!  to get these grades i need to focus, believe, achieve.  

I have been reading a few blogs of people who are currently doing/ completed there fashion design degree.  And by reading these have definitely helped my understand that you haven't got to be a crazy designer to be a good designer  and it is ok to stay true to myself and who i want to be.  with that its still ok to enjoy the likes of Mary Katrantzou, Comme des Garçon & McQueen shows and collections.  But accepting i maybe more of a Valentino, Erdem, & Chloe kinda of gal. 

Enough of my ramblings and lets look forward to the future, hopefully a good one!! I'm hoping that my new blog mantra and design will encourage all of my efforts in the next few months!

Much Love 

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