1 week till christmas!!

a last minute splurge never hurt anyone, right?!  well my last minute buy (using daddy's card of course) was this Models Own Nail Set in glitter of course!!  I've been eyeing up these beauties for a week or so now, but every time I go to order a little pink box appears with the message "sorry, this item is out of stock".  But finally after a week of waiting they added to my shopping basket. woo! hopefully they'll arrive in time for Christmas too, fingers crossed.

although I have just spent £20 on this bad boy set, I am getting my nails done tomorrow in time for my festive antics and outings. oh the irony!  I don't know if you've heard of it but im having Gelish Nails done,  its like my new obsession! its basically a nail polish with a gel coating preventing it from chipping.  it says it last 3 weeks, but being the bargain buster that I am, I make them last me 4! im hoping to have a festive gold colour a bit like this.  but last time i was going for a deep purple and came out with a bronzed pink..

My dads card is about to take another battering, as me and the girl's are going to Winter Wonderland on Friday, and haven't yet booked our tickets.. 

Much Love
Elle xo

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