may the festivities start...

well its finally Christmas holidays, AT BLOODY LAST !! been one of the fastest 12 months ever but the last stretch to Christmas has epically dragged! ughh. with only 8 days to go till the old fella' gets stuck in our chimneys, I am definitely going to get in the spirit of things this year.  Starting with mint aero hot chocolate... yummy!

so Thursday was our last official day in school so we had to celebrate our last Christmas together in style, by going to the local pub! classy birds.  had a lovely bite to eat and couple of free drinks, total bargain busters that we are ;)  then we had lush night in front of the telly watching The X Factor USA, whilst forcing Jo to do her Welsh Bacc, (had to be handed the next day and she hadn't written one word!)  whilst taking a tonne of abuse for my newly trimmed hair do, myself and Jodie decided to take the revenge a little bit to far.. sorry jo!

FRIDAY! hand in day for welsh bacc, and a bake off between me and the girls!! now i'm not much a talent when it comes to cooking, I just kind of sit there, eat it, and give my opinion! so being the cooking invalid that I am I was given the exciting job of dishwasher! (bad karma from the night before..) once I got over the floaty bits and congealed gravy with cheese sauce VOM! it wasn't so bad ...

so apart from the under cooked chicken bites for starter,  the hard carrot tasting parsnips for main, and the totally uncooked brownie for desert, had pretty good 3 course meal only cost us £5 each as well. although I think I would have preferred to have had a 50% off domino's voucher..

the brownie looked lovely from the outside... not so nice on the inside. but still tasted AMAAAZING!! and bonus, no food poisoning yet! yaaay!

much love
Elle xo


  1. looks beyond yummy!
    i love your blog! you have great taste :)
    could you please check mine out? would be an honour?
    it's Its fashion damnit
    thanks love! keep up the good work!

  2. it was quite tasty, im not gunna lie to you :)
    thank you my love! i'm still new the whole blogging world, so im still learning:)
    i love you blog to i just had a browse!!
    speak soon
    Elle xo