Best day of my life...

Last year I took it upon myself to ask my textiles teacher to organise a little trip to The Clothes Show Live. As it happened it got organised and was a massive success for everyone!! (yay me!)  Despite the early start (& the 'icky McD's breakfast), the 2 and half hour bus journey and getting lost within the first five minutes of getting into the NEC Arena, I had an amazing day!!

To be fair to our teacher she got us pretty good seats. But as seats even closer to the front of the stage were available, lets just we "nabbed" them!  Front row action to my first fashion show, and first time ever at The Clothes Show Live, was a pretty awesome experience.   Daytona Lights have officially change my opinion of indie music, (i think it could be love).  I have most definitely discovered some potentially hubby's! And most of all the Fashion Show itself.. WELL!! I'm not sure what words could describe it.  I was well and truly blown away! (not just by the male lingerie section).

After watching the show it has definitely helped me decide firmly what I want to do in my future.   I mean if I was the designer for the collections going down the catwalk today, I would be pretty damn chuffed to say the least!!  So much time and effort goes into to making those garments and the appreciation that you get from critics and the public, must incomparable to your own satisfaction of your hard work and devotion to that collection.

Elle xo


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