happy christmas everyone!!

i've been spoilt again this year so many lovely presents off the family!!  my presents this year consisted of a lot of pink, pink, and a bit of purple... my family know my well! someone has too :)  even though I pretty much new what Santa was bringing me I still had loads of surprises!  the best one of course was my babygrow. my brother and his girlfriend got me this, and must say I love it!  i've never even thought of buying one before because all the ones i've looked at have been so short, and being 5'10'' or so its pretty difficult to even pretend to be short!

1. Beyonce Live at Roseland 2. Babyliss Wave Envy 3. Fujifilm Camera 4. Onesieee'!! 5. Chocolate Orange... with popping candy!

1.  I'm not gunna lie, but I was definitely most excited for this gift! if you know me you will know my obsession for Miss Knowles is crazy!  so getting her live in Roseland was a very happy moment for me, I think I might have even squealed...

2.  I wasn't sure if i was getting the Babyliss Wave Envy, I'd dropped plenty of hints but still not 100% sure! but my mum's an absolute gem and got me them:) yaaay!  i've already tested them out today, and I need a bit of practise but sure enough im loving it!

3. seems as my old camera decided to bust, a camera was much need back in my life!  and this finepix, is so small and compact. (perfect for maga 2012!), and the colour is amaaazing!:) lovelovelove.

4.  my onesiee was a total suprise!! when i opened it i was soooo excited, but then i thought what if i'm too tall for it, so tried it on immediately... it fitted!! as you can see in my little snap (from my new camera)

5. christmas just isn't complete with a terrys chocolate orange in your stocking!! and this year mine had popping candy!! OMG, its the bestest thing ever:O lit' my new addiction, it just sparkles for agess after the chocolates got, NOM!  

I hope you've all had a lush day and don't feel too sick after eating too much!  but i'm going to enjoy my snuggie and having cwtch with my little rabbit whilst watching a little film :)

happy christmas all!!
Much Love
Elle xo

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