walking in a winter wonderland..

I mentioned I was getting tickets to go to Winter Wonderland last week, yeaa.  well  I got the tickets and we went on Friday!  it was such a good night out and great way to celebrate Christmas with the girls before we all got tied down with family commitments, and also an excuse for a good late night gossip! and I mean late! 

myself, jazz, sophie, hannie, charl, lucy, emily :)  loving life in our sexy skates!

So no broken bones, no sliced fingers, and no black eyes! result. there were a few wobbles and couple of bruised bums im sure..  overall it was a great night! and skating around to the music playing, I honestly felt like Jayne Torvill.. what a joke!  

after leaving cardiff, we drove home grabbed a take-out each and head up to Charl's house.  now our night was going far too smoothly something had to go wrong, and it like it or not it did!  but did Sophie's car really need to breakdown ?? luckily we were parked up outside Charl's house, with her mum's mechanic of a fiancée inside.. not all bad!  we got her bump started and she was off. (she had work in the morning so she wanted an early night) the rest of us however were gassing untill 1:00am then realising the time and deciding to call it a night!  i had a very good night overall, minus the abuse! shame i didn't get a few more photos but we didn't really have the opportunity:(

Much Love
Elle xo

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