have a holly jolly christmas...

So stress has taken over my life this past week.  I've got an interview in Glamorgan tomorrow, and getting my portfolio together has been an absolute nightmare to say the least! Nothing has gone my way!! Firstly buying a portfolio one size too small, losing my final design and finding it in the art shop in Ponty, and to top it all off, my tonsil's have now decided to swell up, leaving me struggle to even swallow.  I am praying for an absolute miracle to pull this off (yn).  

another hurdle to get over is WHAT TO WEAR!!  I haven't thought about this yet, i have soo much in my wardrobe but the irony of "nothing to wear" strikes again. what do you wear to a uni interview? jeans & a blouse? dress & tights?, curly hair? straight hair? hair up ? aaarrgghh!! HELP SOMEONE?

Paint my nails a nice christmassy glitter (courtesy of ModelsOwn) this evening for a bit of a pick me up. YAY!

Much Love,
Elle xo

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