on the 8th day of Christmas, my baby gave to me..

Just came home from a lovely christmassy day in school, The Grinch, home alone, sweets and chilli heatwave, i'm  now feeling uber festive, YAY!!  I needed that after the stress and late night of work I had last night, I have now discovered that waitressing isn't my calling, and sticking to being a barmaid and dishwasher is probably best for all!!

Seems as its only 10 days 'till christmaaaaaaaaaas! #happygirly.  Decided I would do a little Santa's wishlist:

01.  Beyonce - Elements of 4, Live At Roseland.  TOP of my wishlist, and if get I will be superly happy :D  I watched it on YouTube a couple of weeks back now, when it was shown live on Vevo.  But it was only available for 24 hours or so.  Sadly, I can no longer witness the pure perfection and beauty from such a powerful lady! she truly is the voice of our generation.

02.  Babyliss - Wave Envy.  i've had my eye on these beauties for a while now, after watching a DIY video on YouTube i've been so envious of wavy hair!  cant wait to experiment with different styles and "do's".  I had my haircut last night for the first time since may... although I'm desperately trying to grow it, it was seriously damaged and dead. so a good hacking session took place along with the added addition to a fringe. its still growing on me and needs to settle but we'll see :)

03. Snuggie - the sleeved blanket!  OMG i need this in my life, I know they've been around a while now, but im seriously starting to to enjoy cwtching up with my quilt on a Sunday and browsing the net all day.  Now trying to keep warm when half your body is uncovered is a real struggle, so a snuggie is definitely the only option!! 

04.  Olly Murs - Official Calendar 2012.  Now if you know me you will know that I am completely in love with Mr Murs! such a cheeky chap, an absolute hottie & Essex boy!!  If my mum doesn't get me this calendar, I will cry on Christmas day! and I really don't want this to happen.  

Currently listening to a bit of my Olly, and will be for the rest of the evening whilst completing my welsh bacc. Last day in school tomorrow, with the staff Christmas Panto, not to be missed!

Much Love
Elle xo

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