Rocking Around the Christmas Tree...

These are just a few things on my RI wishlist! 
  I've been looking around for a casual shoulder bag for months now, my PB Gracie is start to look a little worse for wear :(  so when I found this on the River Island website, it was perfect to brighten up my winter wardrobe!! unfortunately funds are a little low to fork out on a £65 bag, so we'll have to see what Santa brings me :)

 I feel like a bit of a grandma liking this shawl, but it just simply gorgeous!! perfect alternative to wearing a winter coat in the in-between / indecisive weather we've been having recently.  for £20 this is a complete BARGAIN too!
My staff Christmas party is looming, and being the usual last "minuter" that I am, I still have nothing to wear!  This skirt would be perfect!  and for £40 pound I think it would be an investment more than anything.. (thinking ahead). I'm still on the look out for a new LBD perhaps, most probably a lot more flattering during the festive season too ;)

Much Love,
Elle xo

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