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everyone loves a good bargain or two, but if your like me a can't be dealing with the manic after Christmas sales, and getting barged and shouted at from all angles, the internet is your saviour!  my recovery day yesterday was basically spent browsing the net for a new 2012 wardrobe! this dress is all I found...
H&M - £14.99

im still not 100% certain on it, but im gunna wait for it to come, try it and then decide!  seems as its a very classic cut and not much going on with it, I was thinking a blazer and a pair of leopard print heels to finish it off.. but do you think I can decide on which shoes to buy??  I honestly didn't think I would get this stressed about something so simple!

This is what i got my selection narrowed down too.. help!

Missguided Shoes - £35.99 New Look - Head Over Heels - £45.00  Boohoo - £25.00
New Look - Head Over Heels - £45.00 Missguided Shoe Boots - £35.99 Boohoo - £30.00

i'm loving all of these shoes, but for all different reasons!  granted the Mary Jane style New Look heels aren't exactly going to coordinate with my babydoll pink dress. (so they're out of the question!)  and the Nude Boohoo heels are simply a shoe crush that I couldn't control.  the suede shoe, glitter heel, medium width heel :D me likey!! i think its a toss up between the two pairs of missguided and the boohoo shoe/boot, but i cant decide!!! ahhhhhhh, HELP!

Much Love
Elle xo

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