we can watch the snow fall forever and ever...

Little bit of a follow up from a previous post about my gelish nails.  I stuck to my guns and went for gold! first for everything.  However I was so tempted to go for the sexy pink shade.. but no gold I wanted so gold I got! yay. and must say I love it! & its versatile so it goes with everything.  even better :) 

well I'm off out tonight for my works Christmas do'  and im bricking it! I've never been to Cardiff on a night out before and im still under-age! I have a friends ID but im still uber scared, I know once im in I'll be fine. But if I don't get in.. how embarrassing! I've got a friend on standby to come and pick me up if i cant get in, but fingers crossed she wont be needed, because I need a good night out!

I still haven't got a bag for tonight so I think its gunna' be a raid of my wardrobe my mums wardrobe and my friends wardrobe... I told you I'm last minute!!  

Please wish me luck!!(yn)

Much Love
Elle xo

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  1. Amazing nails- gold was definitley he right choice, love your blog! Im following, maybe you could check out mine sometime? :)
    Aly xx