scumbag you maggot you cheap lousy faggot..

my first night out in Cardiff was pretty awesome if I'm honest! started with few drinks and food in 'spoons followed by a taxi into Cardiff and a night in Lloyd's Bar (another spoons).  starting in spoons and finishing in spoons meant an overall cheap night out! result!! with my food only costing £3 and my 3 VK's for £5, what a bargain! along with a Malibu & coke (although i asked for lemonade..) only costing £2something, i'd only spent £10 before getting to Cardiff! boom.  Taxi's paid for by tips, even better!  
once we eventually made it into Cardiff, you couldn't refuse the 2 pitchers for £11 so myself and a friend had two each.. naughty! Sex on the Beach is a definite fave, on my behalf. I will be having again soon! it's safe to say the heart burn has started to set in as im writing this post, 14 hours later... hmm strange! 

Here's a few pictures of my first outing to Cardiff..





overall my night was wicked in all fairness,  brilliant company, cracking bit of banter, a good old christmas sing-song and of course the embrassing dad dancing by table in the far corner!!
&& bonus i didnt get ID'd!! YAY :)

Much Love
Elle xo

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