January in pictures :)


1.Myself + Sophie,  2.The Shoes!,  3.Models Own Glitter,  4.Barry with the girls,  5.BarryM 147,  6.Bargain Watch,  7.Baba Bryn,  8.Haribo,  9.Sex + the City Boxset,  10.Wave Envy. 

seems as its the last weekend of january, i thought i would do a little review of first month in 2012.  i can't believe how fast this years going already!! started by celebrating my friends 18th + the arrival of my beautiful Krush shoes:)  my total addiction to my Model's Own Glitter Set! and my investments into Pastel Lip Paints.  a bitterly cold trip to Barry Island, and my beautiful findings in Primark! along with a new addition to the family "Sexy Bryn" Bryn for short...

it's fair to say i've had pretty good start to the year already, and i hope it holds out for the rest of the year! fingers crossed it will!  i've shockingly met my deadlines just in school.  but have my two 6 week exam papers looming... mehh!  i'll get myself through it by dedicating my evenings to Carrie and the gang 

Much Love
Elle xo


  1. I love your blog! I followed! I would love it if you could check out my blog and follow me? Thanks so much.


  2. Love your blog :)
    Those Models Own glitter polishes look amazing, I might have to buy!