when you see me smiling, i'm OK!

What a night!!  My love for Olly Murs has forever being crazy.. but its now got a whole lot crazier!!  He is absolute perf-friggin'-fection :D so maybe im a little bit obsessed... but i couldn't care less, because i love him! i've never been close to tears at a concert but Olly had me filling up last night.  His song i need you now is soo beautiful, and has so much meaning!  + i have recorded so i can listen + watch on demand ;)  (...maybe a little obsessed...) 

so as you've probably guessed, i went to see Olly Murs Live at the CIA(i refuse to call it the Motorpoint Arena, its just not right!), last night, safe to say i loved it a little bit...  minus the near tears and the 'uge obsession! I had an amazing night still!  it literally couldn't have been better :D myself and two friends, Laura + Sophie went to see the show and they too loved it!  i went in with a fully warmed up voice ready to sing my socks off, and left with barely a croak.. oh!  however, i would happily go and see him again tonight at the Motorpoint arena, and loose my voice and blister my feet all over again just to see his cheeky little dances!  awww...

Much Love
Mrs Murs to be xo


  1. Looks like you had a great time, have to say I'm a bit jealous - Olly is gorge! :)


  2. you must get to see him sometime! well worth it, such a mean/cheeky dancer:D

    Elle xo

  3. I love your hair!*-*
    Lovely blog!(: