one true love..

Literally just this second finished my Welsh Bacc investigation and im loving life! such a massive weight of my shoulders, and I can finally focus on my core subjects! yay!!  So to share my joy I thought I would share with you my love of Paris ;) a little bit random I know, but I'm seriously craving it atm :(

look how pretty!!  ever since watching the final couple of episodes of Sex and the City, when Mr. Big follows Carrie to Paris to declare his undying love... omg, I need a Mr. Big in my life!! I have just fallen in love with the city and have been dying to go since.  Then I was watching The Devil Wears Prada the other night, and yet again pure jealousy and envy came over me.  Its such a beautiful city, so romantic, and so me! My plan is to literally save as much as my student loan in the next 3 years as possible, so I have a slight chance of visiting. Maybe even finding my Mr. Big? one can dream!

Much Love
Elle xo

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