party like its 2012!

Live, Laugh, & Party! This is my moto for 2012,  this year is the year of 18th's, Magaluf, University and of course all this includes a lot of heels and alcohol! 

Jazz, Soph, Lucy, Hannah, Jo, Becky, + The Birthday Girl!

This weekend was full of events and celebrations.  Friday night was filled with 80 minutes of obscenely hot rugby boys running around the pitch, yum!  Saturday spent in the rugby club, followed by an evening celebrating my friends 18th birthday! was such a good laugh :), and then the shots came.. woo!, not gunna lie im definitely partial to a shot or two, but when they taste of a Costa Coffee Berry smoothie, you can give them to me by the pint load!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARL! FINALLY LEGAL :D  sadly i have to wait until june to turn 18, but finger crossed it'll come just as quick as last years, with an art and a textile exam before then. 

Myself + Sophie

Luckily I controlled myself Saturday as I knew getting up to go to a family meal hungover wasn't exactly ideal! So feeling funky fresh unlike the birthday girl who was in little mess the night before, my celebrations carried on for my brother's 21st birthday! We had a lovely meal in the Chinese Restaurant, The Happy Gathering in Canton, Cardiff.  And of course a 21st Birthday couldn't pass with out a few embarrassing stories and the assistance of Asda's wonderful photo cake!

Myself, Mum, + Dad

Happy 21st Lukey!

Such a hectic week  in school this week, got to finish constructing my dress for textiles and catch up on my art coursework, bye bye social life!  but looking forward to a movie night and a couple bottles of wine with Jodie Friday night, I'm gunna need it!!

Much Love
Elle xo

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