all things pretty :)

for my first proper attempt of fruity nails at 1:00am last night i don't think these are half bad in all fairness!  there are some messy ones but please don't judge too harshly :) 

so basically these nails are super simple to do! if i had thought about it whilst i was doing them i would have taken step by step photos, but i don't think of these things in the moment :) anyways! simply two coats of Models Own Fuzzy Peach, leave to dry and then apply one coat of Models Own Juicy Jules.  Carefully then  paint a thin line of Models Own Emerald City along the tip of you nail (basically like a french tip:) ) then i used E.L.F Dark Navy for the seed like pips using a cocktail stick (ideally a nail art pen would be best!!) but cocktails sticks will do for the lesser pro's amongst us!:) boom bobs your teapot! Watermelon-esq nails:)  anyone got any more fruity nail art ideas for me to try? im thinking of possibly doing some candy stripes next...

Much Love
Elle xo


  1. Wow these are amazing, I'd love to be able to do nail art :)


  2. Wow! These look so good.. I am obsessed with painting my nails but I am absolutely awful at it.. have to try this out though!
    Zoe xoxo