Aztec Skirt Need..

i saw this skirt in-store a couple of weeks ago. and since i've been searching the RI website most days waiting to for it  become available on-line!!  i absolutely adore it, such a fun item of clothing to have in your wardrobe.  it would definitely last right through to summer as well as being suitable in these winter months, + at only £15 its a total RI bargain! we all love a good bargain.  recently i've been having a real rummage in the high street stores preparing my wardrobe for Magaluf in July.  i may have several dresses and outfits to take with me already but new clothes for a girls holiday is an absolute must!!  i might be able to treat myself to a few things after next weeks pay day... we'll see :)

this is a bit of a boring post, but when your still in your onesie because the snow has forced you to miss your open day. you result to anything! i've even got my exam prep up to date :O shock of the century!

Much Love
Elle xo