Eylure Lash Fix Review..

When an urgency, become and emergency savers is the place to go!  Running out of eyelash glue at 7:30am probably isn't most convenient time for this to happen, but nevertheless it did :( litterally using up the last of the gooey mess, meant a desperate need for eyelash glue! i didn't care where from, how much but i needed it, PRONTO!  

Within the past 6 months i have become completely addicted to wearing falsies daily.  im still not sure to this day where the compulsion has come from, but i cannot go anywhere without them on, even school! well you know when someone who constantly wears glasses takes them off + they look a tidge bare? thats how i feel when i take of my eyelashes. i've tried several brands within the past few months and e.l.f dramtic Lash Kit come out on top everytime! and at only £1.50 per pair (and most other products) and £2.95 delivery,  you can't not cave in and make an order! such good value for money, and i've been using their products for year and only had one faulty item :)

Back to the review: This Eylure Lash Fix was the first that i came across, at only £2.19 for 6ml, it was a must buy, and well worth the money!  i never realised how far a 6ml tube of eyelash glue would go, theres tonnes of it!!  (definately worth the mad panic into town this afternoon)  i've always used Eylure glue in the past but only the little tubes that come with the strip lashes, and compare to the icky e.l.f eyelash glue i've been using recently its the cleanest and easiest to apply eyelash glue i've ever come across! would definately recommend it to friends, and totally worth the £2.19 price tag. smiles all round :D

Much Love
Elle xo


  1. i love this eyelash glue and thats such a good price!


  2. thanks for the review. I'm just getting into false lashes and though I can never seem to get it to look perfect, I'm practising and slowly getting there! lol. found this glue on the ASOS site so thought i'd have a search to see how good it was. Thanks!