Bikini Blunders..

so its that time of year again where everyone's new years resolutions are totally out of the window,  but now the summer season is fastly approaching everyone's thinking about their bikini bodies? yeaah?  im exactly the same!! the thought of swimwear shopping actually brings a lump to my throat and the thought of trying on bikinis for a day trying to find the "right one" at a reasonable price makes me want to cry in a corner and hibernate till winter!  if you dolls are anything like me you'll be thinking the exact same thing.  but on the weekend me and my two friends went to asda to get some food, and had a quick look in the clothes section... a quick look turning into 3 bikini tops 2 bra's and a takeaway chow mein!  
George @ Asda Swimwear!

i only bought 1 of the bikini's as i am super low on dollar at the moment and it was either another bikini or starve.. im a girl who loves her food so that problem was quickly solved!  anyhow, i picked up the purple polka dot bikini!  it looked totally different on the hanger so i was totally baffled when trying it on, took a couple of braincells to get there:)  but once it was on it was like heaven in a bikini!! yess, i had fun trying on bikini's!!!!! it fitted me perfect, even with my uber difficult size, ahaa. at £12 for the set £8 top, £4 bottoms i was not leaving it there, because it would be just my luck that i'd got back in a couple of weeks just before my holiday, and they won't have my size then we're back to square one!!

im loving the rest of the George at Asda swimwear range too!  i think the zebra print with turquoise detailing one is lovely :)  would definately say its for a smaller boobied woman, but i still looove it :)  my mammy also picked me up the purple and pink "floraly", "splashed" bikini today, although im not totally loving it yet! its not quite fitting as i hoped it would, but we'll see ayy! :)  any of you ladies got any secret tips on getting decent bikini body? or know anywhere nice that does reasonable bathers?

Much Love
Elle xo

PS. my chow mein was disgusting!! so wish i'd bought another bikini instead!!

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