Catch Up!

i have only just realised how appalling my blog upkeep has been this week! i've been so busy with one thing or another, and also i don't feel like i've had anything to blog about! strange. i don't know if i told you guys, but i had an interview in falmouth last friday, and absolutely fell in love with the place! its so pretty and the university is amazing!  i felt that my interview went well, but you never know.. and some of the girls i got chatting to were so lovely, which made my day even more amazing!  

i had a serious case of monday blues at the beginning of the week, i received an unsuccessful from UWE Bristol and my prep work seemed to be at a bit of a brick wall!, so myself and a friend made some cupcakes and watched The Time Travellers wife to de-stress a bit and cheer up :) must say, we make amaaazing cakes! might have to show you guys how i made them :)  tuesday, i still wasn't myself. i think i kind of lost a tonne of confidence in myself and lost any faith in getting a place in falmouth, after get my 2nd rejection! but 5:00pm came and BAM "UCASTrack- ucas application status notification" popped up on hotmail.  i dont think i breathed for a good 10 seconds.. but i eventually plucked up the courage to check my UCAS Track.. IM INNNNNNN!!! IM GOING TO FALMOUTH!!!!!!!! im still buzzing at the thought of going in september, im soo excited!!:D:D:D              

Sorry for the shoddy images, they're off my phone.

Much Love 
Elle xo

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