Monet-esq nails :)

french white, rimmel 60 second, barryM in various colours, rimmel Pro, Models Own x2, & Elf.

When i came across Ugly Duckling's  blog, and found these nails, i couldn't help but try them out for myself! as much as i love them i didn't want to blatantly copying them.  so i put my my own little glitter obsessive twist on them ( like most other nails of mine... ) but still so simple too do!:) happy days.

hopefully this will be one of my better nail tutorials as i actually remembered to take some pictures as i went along this time, even if it was 1am this morning/last night?!  so enough of my babbling let me show you how to these Monet-esq nails :)

start with a double base coat of Mint Green BarryM Nail Paint. easy bit done :) then grab a make-up sponge and a pair of tweezers, got them ? simply rip off small sections of the make-up sponge with the tweezers, and keep it safe!  i used Models Own Fuzzy Peach, Rimmel Pro Pink and BarryM Lilac for the flowers.  so grab that little piece of sponge and dip it into your chosen nail paint, then simply dab rough circular shapes on you nails and allow to dry.  repeat this on all of your claws until you get your desired pattern :) i added a little bit of shading with darker toned polishes using the same effect but smaller sponge :) then comes the fun bit, sparkleees :)  same technique but with a green glitter polish, if you haven't got a glitter a matte polish will work just as well! even more reason for the last coat of glitter if you haven't used a glitter green, to add that extra sparkle!:) and bobs your teapot, you've got Monet inspired nails, what do you think ?

Much Love
Elle xo

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