New Look Buy!

so i kind of feel like i havent treated myself for months! no really i havent bought anything personally since the january sales! my mam bought me my dipped hem aztec skirt from river a few months back and i bought a dress for holidays around the similar time.. such a sad life! so out of last weeks pay, i was treating my self, i kind of over spent, spending nearly all of my money in one day and mostly in wetherspoons... but anyway back to the purpose!  my baby cousins christening is coming up in may, and being a girl i needed something new for it! of course...   i saw this dress on the new look website, and when i saw the price of £29.99 i though ooh, a bit steep! but then realising that's what i would normally spend on a dress, its just i haven't bought one in so long!  this dress was a must on my to buy list and before it went out of the shops too! i ended up having to order it as they didnt have my size in store uless i dramatically lose about 7 stone and drop to a size 8, there wasnt no chance!  but it finally arrived wednesday, and i did order a size smaller.. and hey presto it fitted!! i felt like cinderella and the glass slipper :) what do you guys think of my buy? im loving some of the blazers in River Island at the moment, 'cause with our typical british weather, we could even have snow in may! better to be safe than sorry!

Right now im off up the mountain snack bar for the best breakfast in history!! see you later dudes :)
Much Love
Elle xo


  1. Wow its lovely, I love the print. It will look fab on you :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  2. I adore that dress! The colours are so bold! I'm sure you will look wonderful in it. I love your blog so much!
    Hope you're having a good day xx

  3. ahh thank you!!:) i do love it!
    and yourself:)
    Elle xo