ELF Wishlist! & catch up!

woooooo! school holidays are finally here :) im literally bursting of excitement for the next two weeks away from school! i have still got an absolute tump of work to be done, but knowing that i can do it at my own pace gives me a lot more chill out time!  so normally, each year when easter comes im the fatest and greediest of all my family and ask for a million eggs and sweets, but this year im being a total bore! and haven't asked for one! im so in to my gym routine now i need to start cutting back on all the crap and eating healthy! its so hard when your stressed and surrounded by biscuits in school! so instead this year i've asked for money, as money is the bain of my life right now! i just seems to be gone within seconds of receiving my weekly pay packets!  however last sunday i went shopping with my friend and her mam, and my intention was to get the 10:30 train in and be home by 3! i wanted new look, river island, primark, and possibly a browse at trainers in a sportshop... but my reality was getting into cardiff at 1, and not getting to newlook till 4:30!!! theres reasons why i like shopping alone... on the plus side i did manage to purchase the dress ive had my eye on for the past couple of weeks:) yay!! i'll do a post later on this.  anyways enough of my babble and on to the purpose of this post!

so being the poor teenager that i am, wishlist seem to be all my online shopping ever comes to at the moment! meghhh. but im hoping that my pay this week will stretch to a couple of necessities from my favourite make-up brand! E.L.F,  i've been a huge fan of ELF for a good few years now, and have only ever had one faulty item, & trust me i've tried many! but im noticing a few essential on their last legs and need a replacement.. 
here's some of my wishlist....

all of these product i have used before except for the bronzing powder!  these items i literally use everyday,  the all over cover saint has been my best friend since my first purchase back in 2009! i think im still using the same stick, it lasts forever!! i would seriously recommend this to anybody that needs to cover those little blemishes and icky spots bleghh!  also eyelahes are my current addiction and have been since last summer, my everyday routine consists of apply these little beauties, they make such a huge difference to your eyes and make your face kind of pop! i use these everyday without fail (well except for possibly a sunday, sleepies!)  i think you can probably guess that im going to rave about everything now and how amazing it all is, but im not going to bore you with it :) but please take a look at the website, its just soo cheap!! this wish list came to a grand total of, £19.50, pretty impressive!!  any of you girlie wirlie woos, have any beauty brand secrets or tips??

Much Love 
Elle xo


  1. I feel your pain- my wishlist is forever growing too! wow all of of that for £19.50? what a bargain!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  2. its such a mare!! seriously get on it!
    Let me know if you buy anything :)

    Elle xo