Weekend in Cornwall!

Morning Sunshine, Cute Little Cottage on the Harbour, Yummiest Dessert Ever Invented, View back onto the Harbour :) 

So my family have this annual family get together, and this year i did my good dead and attended the weekend, whilst killing two birds with one stone in visiting my accommodation for September.  myself and my mam & dad travelled  Friday night failing to dodge the horrific April showers we've been getting recently but arriving at my Aunties by tea time:) best time of day! i just love chilling out and relaxing with family catch-ups and reminsing!  Saturday morning i woke to this beautiful weather, making the view even more amazing, (also sunday was like this!) so a trip down to falmouth was the main reason for me going, but im so glad i did go, i think i really needed a little break from all the stresses in my everyday routine, and a weekend in Cornwall definitely perked me up.  im not a huge countryside lover, but when the sea is put in the picture, it turns into my best friend, an nothing can beat sitting by the sea just listening to the seaguls.. just praying one doesn't poop on your head!  so sunday was our designated family day, and by family day i mean going back to Boscastle for the best ice cream and sweet shop in Cornwall! their chocolate covered honeycombe.. amazeballs!  but i have also discovered that they now possibly do the best dessert ever! Malteaser and white chocolate cheesecake!  if you ever go to Boscastle, you must go to The Riverside for this delish dessert!  that was pretty much my weekend, minus the obvious shopping splurge in Falmouth, but that will be in my next post :)  wheres your ideal place? seaside? hustle and bustle of the city?

Much Love 
Elle xo


  1. Awww the photos are so gorgeous :)

    makes me wanna go now!!


  2. you really should! its soo pretty down there:D

    Elle xo

  3. Next time I visit the UK I definitely want to go to Cornwall! It looks absolutely stunning there.

    Natalie xx