Elle V Food

Food won!!

Just had a lovely night out with my family to celebrate my nephews 18th! We went to an all you can eat Pan Asian restaurant in cardiff bay. :) yum!! So my intentions were to go to the gy gym after school work up an appetite and then demolish 5 platefulls of greasy calorie full food! Yess i got to the gym, and yess i got to my fifth plate,.. Not so full though! The plate of deep fried fish and chicken to start finished me right of.. So it was sushi and pancake rolls from there in!! :( cosmos?! Im beat!

My attire for the evening was my new dipped hem maxi skirt, with a black vest, a pair of trusty black heels and casual denim jacket:) i kind of felt a tad over dressed! But oh well who doesnt love making an effort eyy !:)

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  1. Those deserts look lovely :) glad you had a good time.

    Nafisah xo