Weekend fun!!

So having the weekend off on the same weekend that the boys are in tour, definitely has its advantages! A sober yet fun night up wetherspoons on friday! Followed by an awesome drag queen and disco on saturday, along with my baby cousins christening!! My weekend has been lush!

Although my friday night was insanely sober! Due to lack of funds:( still had a wicked girly friday night catch up, up the Malcolm (spoons) :D saturday night was obviously a bit more eventful with Malibu and tina sparkle in tow! Ans a good old groovy to total classics!

And lastly my little cousin got christened today! I love a good old family get together and for such a happy occasion its even nicer! Of course i had the world and his wife " you've grown so much!!" speech off nearly every family member i hadn't seen in more than a year! But it was lovely to see them all! Below are just a few snaps from my weekend:) theye may be in a dodgy order but i'll sort that out when i get on my laptop!:)

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