Bank Holiday!

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So Basically i've been super distant from the whole blogging scene for a couple of weeks i felt we were all in need of a catch up!! i had an amazing shop last sunday, with a £60 Primark holiday shop all done and dusted! && I finally joined the iPhone crew last sunday, literally why did i not do this before!!  as you can probably tell, Instagram is absolutely my best friend at the moment and also making me insanely vain! :$ not so good! i've been snowed under with deadlines and exam prep and exam these past 2 weeks, but knowing that my deadline is tomorrow and i only have sampling left to do is a huge weight off my shoulders and by the end of this week i should be enjoying the start of my summer holidays.. alone! :(  im the only one out of my friendship group to do Art & Textiles for A-levels so they all have written exams coming up, all i can say is i have no excuse not to get my body into shape for holidays!!  i recieved a lush little invitation off my Welsh Bacc teacher earlier this week inviting out whole class to St. Fagans for afternoon tea next monday, awww im so excited!!  and yesterday i had a lovely afternoon with my daddy in Cardiff Bay, with a Pizza Express for tea!! yummmy!

how have all you guys been ? snowed under with revision? i literally don't envy you one bit!!

Elle xo


  1. Glad everything is going well :) lovely blog.

    Nafisah xo

  2. Wow that's a lot bought in Primark, I love it when you feel like you've achieved something when you've spent so much haha.
    Ah my goodness, I got an iPhone like a month ago and I feel the same way ha, what's your instagram username? Mine's lizinadream :)

    Sounds like once your deadlines are over you're gonna have fun!

    Love the post!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  3. yess, i spent quite alot, but when it was all in one shop for my whole holiday! its amaaaaaaazing :) gingerelinorxo, im soo obsessed like literally posting every five minutes!! soo addictive!:)

    i bloody hope soo! i've got so much to look forward too to:) eeeeeeek!

    Elle xo