ummm.. hi guys!!

lit' my absence this past two weeks is an actual piss take! im so sorry guys, but my exams are overrrrrr :)  result! schools not quite finished a few more compulsory days and then some catch up days, but then my days as a St. Cenydd student are overrr!:) yayerrr. seems as most of my post recently have been me moaning about how much work i have to do and so forth i thought i'd share with you my final textile/fashion pieces of the year!

so my coursework was all inspired by weather and its affects, and my exam piece was inspired by sweet shops and candy :)  im super pleased with them both! and fingers crossed they get me the grades that i want!  i actually cant believe my time in school officially finishes tomorrow! i don't weather to be happy or sad, oh well i now have plenty of time on my hands making my teachers thankyou presents, awww!

Much Love
Elle xo

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