New Look: Holiday Wants!

So my holiday is next week! yess next week!! it only feels like a couple of days ago i was telling you it was 2 months away! jeeeeze, how time flies ayy.  well i suppose for a change im kind of prepared for once, i have all my clothes sorted, just an going out bag and toiletries to get. phewwww! i've promised myself that im not going to take any heels so these beautiful wedges from New Look are out of the window!! but they're just sooooo pretty :(  however i do have a New Look Gift Card which i had for my birthday, and a 20% off voucher, so one of these bags and the hair band is total must!! i am obsessed with dipped hem at the moment, they're just soo easy to wear! and slot perfectly into my wardrobe...  so i get the absolute shit ripped out of me from the girls for this, but factor 50 sun block is an absolute necessity for me! i have ginger skin and it doesn't see the sun much, so casper needs protecting! protect and bronze is an absolute god send for me, i actually tan whilst using it!! woooo :) any of you have fair skin, and high factors are a must? it sucks, but better to be safe than sorry!

Elle xo

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  1. Just found your blog! I love it! The dip hem skirt and the heels are gorgeous! Newest follower :) xx