Week in intagram!

Sorry my post havent been much more than catch ups these past few weeks, but i have got a few ideas for the upcoming weeks:) a week and two days into being 18, life is just as good as i expected!! Yayy! The only gutting thing is nowhere seems to like ID'inf anymore! I went for a meal in tiger tiger yesterday.. No ID! In Lloyds on friday.. No ID! Whats wrong with the world :( however i still do love life!!☺

I just mentioned Lloyds Bar last friday night. For my birthday my brother got me a ticket to see JessieJ - yess JESSIEJ!! - hosted by admiral car insurance (who he works for) for the summer party! How awesome is that :D the night was awesome! A huge marquee/tent thingyy.. In the middle of cardiff castle, with a load of free food and drink stalls, crazy golf, arcades, "underwater dance area" (you just had to go outside for that but never-mind!) myself my brother and his girlfriend attended the evening along with about 3,500 others!! But i must say I will definitely be seeing her again in the future!!!

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