stuck in a hair rut..

im writing this as i settle down to watch Pocahontas, the Disney princess with the longest thickest and voluptuous hair im about to have a moan about how much I hate my hair right now.. how inconsiderate! why cant real hair be like the disney princesses hair?

so for years i've always contemplated different hairstyles, but always stuck to my typical armpit length locks. i am now so sick of my hair, its so limp and lacks everything and anything! the only thing it has going for it is the colour!! i will never change the colour.  every summer i fight the dilemma of getting a bob but always chicken out.. this summer i feel is a different type of summer, this summer is the start of my adulthood and growing up, going to uni in September is the biggest thing to ever happen in my life and i couldn't be more excited, so i think a change in hair style could be a good thing for me! 

im not a huge Chezza fan but i do have a massive hair crush on her ever changing locks! her waves always look so natural and fresh, and the length of these to images is so manageable! Nicola Roberts is a total icon to me, not only do we share the ginger gene and what not but she helps to empower us pale redheads!  i have seen her with a few dodgy bad hair days, but all in all her hair is beautiful!!  so if i do take the plunge and risk the bob cut i think that this length is the safest option :) anybody else have any other hair crushes or ideas for my next trip to the hair dressers?


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  2. I'm desperate for ginger hair! Very jealous!


  3. Hello Dear! I like your blog so much! Would you like to follow each other? :)