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So its been an obscene amount of time since i last posted, its horrifically bad! so since i last posted i've moved to Falmouth, Cornwall for university, and nearly at the end of my first term in Fashion Design! can you believe it, 1/9th into my whole 3 years at uni... shit the bed! so far my journey has been a total roller-coaster ride!  our term basically started with the classic "getting to know your peers" kind of week, with scavenger hunt around Fally' and day trip to St. Ives, which was beautiful!! about our 3rd week in we were finally given our brief of, NO FASHION.

we were given a shirt project to do over the summer, which was totally pointless! so this new brief was to research the words: ABSURDUST, TRAVELLER, FRENETIC, AND CLINICAL. hence No Fashion! being the brief name, we wern't allowed to look at anything fashion or textile related, purely images which we found interesting and inspiring.  i didn't find this first project totally enthrawling but it was good first project to have and good plunge into the deepend with having to produce a Shirt at the end of the project.  i just got my results back from my first project and i got a 2.2. i am soo happy with this, especially for my first project and it gives me loads of space to grow, and improve!

so with all the boring worky stuff said about, onto what uni is all about!! alcohol and socialisng!:)
without sounding too corny, the past 3 months have deffinately been the best of my life.  i have learnt so much about life, and made so many great people and many of the great friends. the biggest hurdle for me to overcome has definately been learning to cook, minus the multiple occasions of forgetting to turn the oven on, i've done myself proud :')


so these are just a few images of my first term in Falmouth.  and just an inkling into the amount of memorys and friends i have made:) im going home for christmas tomorrow, suprising my family of my arrival! im going try and keep on track of this old gal' during christmas and in the new year so you can hear more about my life in uni and the journeys im going on :)

Elle, xo

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