Uni post #1

Ive been in uni 4 months nearly and i havent posted anything work related yet! We're currently working on a denim project, with the outcome to make a pair of "5 pocket jeans". My concept is "beautiful decay" looking at decaying objects and sufaces that still appear beautiful to the eye. Also the brand i decided to design for was the high street brand Oasis. Oasis are one of my favourite high street brands, i love their feminity in the branding and styling. Im currently in the process of making the shorts i have designed, and will be modelled by my gorgeous floor mate, sophie. Cheeky! Im really enjoying this project, i am definately more driven than the last project.  Im going to try and get some photos up when there all finished and hopefully looking gorge, but for now ive got few working progress snaps :')

Much Love


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