Uni Post #2

Instead of finishing off design developments ahead of my crit on Friday, i decide to procrastinate on here instead.. woops!  so i had my final tutorial of this project today and hey ho i didn't take any work with me.. bit awkward! but on the positive, my denim shorts for oasis are finally completed with buttons and rivets and ready to be shot tomorrow in our pop up studio.. in the flat! i will post the final images on here tomorrow night as long as it all goes to plan (yn) fingers crossed!

i found out today that having a good customer profile page/board is pretty essential to the project, and me not having one quickly whipped one up, better late than never i suppose :) along with a mood board,  trying combine a customer profile of young, feminine, cutesy, and creative, with my concept of Beautiful Decay was a slight challenge but once it came together im pretty happy with the outcome, yayyyy!! it made sense to use my gorgeous model Sophie as my target customer, knowing her and her characteristics made the designing and understanding alot easier :) woo! hehe,

its fair to say i am loving my first year as a fashion student, but believe me i cannot wait to not have see a another river, belt loop or fly guard for a good while! i felt exactly the same way about my shirt before christmas!

Much Love


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