#Term as a Fashion Student at Falmouth

Second term at uni is coming to an end.  i cannot believe how quickly the term has gone, its insane!! so much has happened in 10 weeks! Denim Project, Research, Design, Make & Crit, Yoga Brief, Research, Design, Make & Crit, London Fashion Week, Collaborations with Fashion Photography, and House hunting for next year with my best friend!  its been insane, it really has.

Before starting uni everyone i spoke to about doing fashion design said how intense the course was and how fast paced everything was.  i have never heard such truer words spoke.  no matter how much someone tells you how intense it is, you can't ever prepare yourself enough.  there is never enough hours in the day to do everything, its usually the socialising that takes a side track unfortunately.  but i have found you are never ever bored!  its impossible.  we have just finished our 2nd major project of the term and found out we don't have an easter project, which came as a massive shock.  meaning 4 weeks of nothing.  in a weirdly nerdy way im kind of disappointed   i like being occupied i dont like doing nothing, but im sure i can find something to do :)

But for now im just going chill in my last few days of term and make the most of being in sunny Falmouth.  Maybe even pop to the beach tomorrow afternoon,  i definitely dont take enough advantage of being so near to the sea.  

Much Love 


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