so its been a week already since i arrived home from uni.  its insane how quickly time is going, i have 3 weeks left and will be going back before we know it.  as much as i am enjoying having my food cooked for me, my clothes washed etc, i miss uni so so so much!  i am suprisingly not enjoying having no work to do this holiday,  i am so wired to having a constant work load my brain doesn't function having a life and free time very well.  I've been doodling here and there but spent most of my time lusting over clothes that i cant buy :( sucks balls that! but i did treat myself with 25% ASOS earlier this week. who wouldn't..

with online shopping and other forms of media and TV advertising you can't help notice the huge hype over the 90's right now! lets face it The Big Reunion is everyones guilty pleasure, 5ive, Blue, Atomic Kitten, BEWITCHED!! I am loving the return of double denim and dungarees, definitely a true 90's kid me.

i've always had a bit of an obsession with floral prints, but im absolutely obsessing over these floral pants!  i think theyre totally gorge!  also the vintage denim culottes are the cutest trousers i have seen in ages,  there just so fun and now!  the Fashion Photography course were asked to find an image that they wish they had taken which they had to present and explain why.  i had never thought of looking at clothing and designers in this way, i think it really helps you appreciate who/what you want to be.

whilst lusting over all of these gorgeous clothes i treated myself to this gorgeous shirt..

i personally love the print in this and the colour is gorgeous, but im sure my friends will think differently!  im hoping it will come monday morning in time for me to go and see olly murs for the 6th time in concert Monday night.. fingers crossed!

Much Love


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