RI Aztec Skirt

just a quick post before i pop off too work :)  as promised an outfit post on my new RI Aztec Skirt!  i'm in love, it's not something i would usually choose which is probably why i love it so much :)  you know that saying something like "dont buy something if you cant think of 5 outfits it would go with ??" well when i picked this up i didn't even have one!.. but bringing it home i raided my wardrobe and found plenty :)  i think im going to try a bluey / green sleeveless shirt with it soon, fingers crossed it'll look as nice as it does in my head(yn) anyone got any suggestions?

thats it from me, im off to work for the night now and plan on having a bonding session with my bed tomorrow.. typical sunday

Much Love
Elle xo

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  1. I love this skirt
    the colors, the design and the cut are just amazing! :)