What I Bought...


a trip to Cribbs Causeway is always a successful trip!  always find some bargains once i got something like 5 bras for £8 and the other day i got £1 giraffe necklace down from £9!! These are a few of my buys, a very random selection i know, but all necessities! of course my monthly purchase of the bible that is Elle! i have got round to reading it yet, but i think a nice hot chocolate and some biscuit tonight should help me get started :)

the giraffe necklace.. OMG, how cute?? for the £1 price tag there was no-way it was staying there!!  im a huge fan of the accessorize sale, i nearly always find a bargain, but like in any sale you get your dodgy items chucked in for good measure.. not always the best.  so when i saw it was down from £9 i was looking for faults, miss-colouring, a broken chain.. nothing! it was in perfect condition, result!

this winter weather has really dried out my skin this year. i never usually suffer with my skin in cold weather but this year my skin has been a real play up, cracking from all angles :( so investing in a good moisturiser was a total must this week!  i'm trying out these Vitamin E products by Superdrug, I bought an All over Body Cream and a Hand & Nail Cream, so far im impressed! they are definitely living up to the '12 hour moisture' tag, and they smell amazing!! even better :)

i've been eyeing up this skirt for aaaaages! i saw it the same time as this skirt, but the difference is i finally bought this skirt!! i say this with my head in my hands, but that was actually my first RI clothing purchase.. i've had plenty of jewellery and shoes from there but never clothing!  but im pretty chuffed with my first RI buy:) i love the Aztec print and the 'short at the front long at the back' will really work for summer nights out! yaaay!!

Sudacrem. Sudacrem. Sudacrem... i absolutely swear by this! its amazing for spots.  i've been using for about a year now, and i've just run out of a 10g free sample pot! yes a year!!  so little goes so far with sudacrem. i'd recommend it to anybody who suffers with the occasional breakout to consistent acne. thats why i invested in the epic sized 250g tub for only £4! im gunna have years im sure...

enough of my babbling! i'll do an outfit post of my new skirt soon, maybe this afternoon, just see how my school work goes :)

Much Love
Elle xo


  1. i really, really LOVE your blog hun! it's lovely and i'm happy to have found it today! keep up the great posts, because i'll be coming back for more! hehe

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  2. ahh, thank you sugar :) i'll be sure to check your blog out!!

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