Night at the museum... (kind of afternoon)

ok. so this blog post is kind of a week late! but i've been so snowed under with coursework and exam deadlines along with my magaluf body challenge and fitting in sleep.. this is the first chance i've had to post to you guys!! so sorry.  regular blogging should pick back up in the next couple of weeks :)

enough of my lame excuses! haha!  yea, so last week myself and 3 friends took an afternoon trip to Cardiff Museum.  its wasn't top of my places to visit, but it was free however, and we all seem to be pretty skint at the moment with saving for holidays, uni, car insurance, tax etc.  so to the museum it was!  im not gunna lie, i loved it!! who knew that moving mammoths and textile pieces of the queen with dolls heads poking out of the top could be so exciting!  if you've been before you'll know they've got there unusual space section and ancient history with dinosaur skeletons and moving mammoths!  but the also have various contemporary gallerys and exhibitions,  this times were The Queen; Art and Image and Captain Scott: South for Science.  I know a lot of people think of the museum of being full of little kids on field trips, but its not really. just ordinary people wanting a chilled afternoon out, definately worth a look!! (although the little school kids are also there!)

in other news, is anyone finding these light mornings an absolute pain in the ass!?  i know i am, waking up at 8 this morning thinking it was 12! i am seriously dreading the clock change tomorrow, its just so confusing!! anybody else feel like this??

Much Love
Elle xo

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