Rabbit Food and Exercise!

 so with my Magaluf holiday only 13 weeks and 4 days away,  my diet has to get sorted, PRONTO!  so this week i'm starting my diet of with a bang and continuing my 5x a week work routine!  i think the only way i'm going to be able to keep up with this diet seriously is by updating my blog a few times a week letting you guys know how im doing! im so bad at diet i always do so well for the first week and then it all just seems to go down hill from there. but i think this times different, ive got a goal deadline to meet, and if i dont make it ive only got myself to blame!  i hate it when people say they want to weigh so much, ive never been like that, ive just gone by how i feel.  if i feel good in something it normally shows on the outside.  ive already noticed slight loss in weight after trying on a pair of shorts i bought last year, that were super fitted at the time of purchase but now seem to have a good inch or so spare:) wooo, now if thats not motivation i dont know what is!  im not giving myself a ridiculous target like aiming to be a size 10 by the begining of june, because lets face it, its not realistic!  being 5'11" i can get away with having curves so being super skinny doesnt bother me, i just want to tone up and lose all my flabby bits in time for the 30 june! i think im gunna need your guys support to do this, please will you help me?

Much Love
Elle xo

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  1. Ah not too long to go till holiday!

    You've set yourself a goal and that's really good, least you go something to aim for. Although if you don't hit it, don't worry too much! Cause you don't need to!

    Will be supporting you on your way :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx