Mermaid Nails!

The only downside to this gorgeous weather we've been getting is definately the muggy nights that come with! Mehh. So these hot sleepless nights lead to my pointless but pretty nail painting:) yayy! I wanted something bright, summery, and wearable! So my barryM Pure turquoise, and my trusty Models Own Juicy Jules were the perfect combo!

These were so simple to do but are soo pretty and sparkly:D i picked up a cheap pack of stick on nails from good old Home Bargains and away i went! Apply One thick coat of BarryM and leave overnight to dry completely. The next morning or night which ever is easiest, apply the glitter coat:) and tah-dahh!! Sparkly mermaid nails, perfect for this luscious weather!

Much love
Elle xo


  1. Love those nails:) lovely blog over all :)

    Nafisah xoxo

  2. Uh I know what you mean with the nighttime weather...yuck. Would you like to follow each other doll? Let me know!!

    Lady Million

  3. Ahh thank you!
    Yeaa im for follow for a follow :)
    Elle xo