my week in instagram!

Hottest issue of Elle ever!!, bit of display work for my teacher, Last day in school after 7 years :(  Alice's Disney 18th!, Cocktails in spoons, new Rimmel nail polish, my lazy ass princess, bridal poncho that i made went to 'White Gallery' in London and a bank holiday run!
So overall, i've had a pretty hectic week with assembly planning, cocktail drinking, and drooling over Becks' hot bod in this months issue of Elle :)  so after complaining to my art teacher that i was bored after finishing all my school work, she decided to be a top teacher to give me her wall displays to finish for her! but after doing the first one on paper i decided to be a bit more creative in putting paint to wall and going crazy!! i'm ever so proud of it in all fairness! 

was ever such a sad day in school on Friday, it was our last official day in school and being given the responsibility of the traditional goodbye movie, the goodbye bunting and the goodbye shot glasses! there was alot of pressure on me to get everything sorted, sadly the shot glasses didnt make it on time but everything else rang smoothly, woooooo!! and to go out with a bang it was my friends disney 18th! it was such a good night, and every looked awsome, although im not to sure my fancy dress attire totally fitted with my height, as me and the girls went as the seven dwarves! 
Bank holidays = cocktails and with my birthday 18th birthday tomorrow, it also meant early birthday celebrations!! wooo:)

ive had a pretty chilled out bank holiday mostly chilling with my beloved princess of a rabbit, seriously that furball is completely spoilt rotten!!  i had amazing bit of news on friday, i had a programme and a bridal magazine dropped through my door, and initially though WTF!? but opening it all was explained, back in february i did some work experience in a bridal shop and during my time there i did some pattern cutting, but i never thought that my the poncho that i put together would ever make it down the 'White Gallery' runway! but it did!! i was so overwhelmed, such a small thing was so epic so early in my life! and to top it off the next day the shop owner and designer offered me a job in her store as the saturday girl!! how amazing!  

Now im off to hyperventilate about the fact its my 18th birthday in 1 and a half hours!! I AM GOING TO BE A WOMAN, AN ADULT, LEGAL TO BUY ALCOHOL, GAMBLE, LIVE!! OH EM GEE!!

Much Love
Elle xo


  1. Woah you had a busy week didn't you!!
    Last day at school is always so sad, but you sound as if you made it a memorable one for everyone- congrats on taht :(

    it's so amazing you got offered a job just like that- your talent obviously went very noticed!

    ALSO, as I'm writing this, you're 18 in 40 MINUTES! (I was this excited when I turned 18 haha) Happy Birthday for 40 minutes timeeee :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  2. omg i know! more chilled out this week .. minus the celebrations:) lmaoo!

    ahh thank you !! im like nearly rocking with excitement right now!! oh dear :D

    Much Love Elle xo

  3. Sounds like a lovely week :) cannot wait to get that copy of Elle! I love your blog.

    Nafisah xo