Birthday Celebrations!!

Birthday Cake Shot, Pandora and Fantasy Bracelet off the brothers, Birthday Cake, Myself and the girls before our night out, My birthday presents: Sewing Machine, Sewing Box, Alcohol, and Uni bits :)

What I wore: Sheer Blouse, Nude Vest and Dipped Hem Skirt - New Look  Floral Playsuit - New Look :)

IM FINALLY 18!!!! 

I have had an amazing past few days celebrating my 18th birthday! with a family meal on Tuesday, celebrating my baby cousins 3rd birthday also, such a cutie! Apart from forgetting my ID for the meal, it was barely an issue when i had family and friends buying the drinks from all over the place :)  Of course you cannot let you 18th birthday pass without a night out in town! and being a Wednesday Revs was the place to be! I haven't had such a random night out in ages, but was definitely the least stressful, knowing i had my genuine ID unlike Christmas when i was using my brothers girlfriends! phewww!  being student night on a wednesday £1 shots, £1.50 flavoured vodka, £1.50 Vodka and a mixer, was a suuuuper cheap night, only spending £15!!! amaaaaazing!  to finish my birthday week im off to see Jessie J in Cardiff Castle for my brother and his girlfriends, summer works event! what an awesome night that's going to be :D

Elle xo


  1. Awww that cake is absolutely gorgeous !!!

    Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like you had a good few days xxxx

  2. Happy 18th :) sounds like you had an incredible birthday.

    Lots of love.